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Xbox 360 HDMI RGH Jtag ELITE 20GB Console only The console has been Reset Glitch Hacked which turns it into a fully Jtagged console.

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GUIA PARA NOVATOS DESDE CERO PARA HACER EL RGH en Xbox 360 › Exploits y homebrew. hilo_guia-exploit-xbox-360_1357683. papelu21 24 oct 2011 15:17 . Habitual. 46 mensajes desde sep 2010 Prodám xbox 360 Limited Edition Gears of War 3 s úpravou rgh, lze hrát originální i vypálené hry.Vše funkční, nový ovladač, kompletní kabeláž. 1 Xbox 360 RGH(JTAG) MW3 Limited Edition Console 1 2TB internal hard Drive with homebrew apps/emulators/free mod menus etc, fully loaded, plug and play 1 Xbox 360 video cable Xbox 360 Arcade Saves & Tools (414) Xbox 360 Game Saves (5,614) Xbox 360 Minecraft Game Saves (361) Xbox 360 Mod Menus (572) Xbox 360 Modded Game Saves (900) Xbox 360 Other (368) Xbox 360 Save Editors & Tools (2,226) Xbox 360 Themes (160) Xbox 360 Trainers (111)

The fact that the 360 is backwards compatible with so many of it's most popular releases and it being so much more practical (since we don't need to deal with the upscaler or wired controllers) means most of the original Xbox stuff we do play ends up getting played on a 360 rather than the OG so it seems like the perfect choice to go into storage!