Which of the following statements about electromagnetic radiation is true it transfers energy

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A quantum of radiation of frequency ν transfers energy h ν and momentum h ν/c 2, where h is the Planck constant. The quantum of electromagnetic radiation is the photon . Light, etc., is thus absorbed by or emitted from atoms or molecules in the form of photons.

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14) Which of the following statements about X rays and radio waves is not true? A) Neither X rays nor radio waves can penetrate the earth's atmosphere. B) X rays have shorter wavelengths than radio waves. C) X rays and radio waves are both forms of light, or electromagnetic radiation. D) X rays have higher frequency than radio waves.

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Electromagnetic Momentum Flow and Radiation Pressure By using the observation that energy is required to establish electric and mag-netic fields, we have shown that electromagnetic waves transport energy. It can also be shown that electromagnetic waves carry momentumwith a correspon-ding momentum density (momentum per volume of magnitude (32.30) i. The importance of the equation E = mc 2 is that energy has mass. ii. Electromagnetic radiation can be thought of as a stream of particles called photons. iii. Electromagnetic radiation exhibits wave properties. iv. Energy can only occur in discrete units called quanta. Potential differences represent electric fields and do not represent electromagnetic (EM) radiation. EM radiation is build up of packets of energy (photons). EM radiation types are characterized and classified by their specific wavelengths, but this has nothing to do with brain waves.

Electromagnetic radiation is energy that travels in waves. Two types of electromagnetic waves are microwaves and gamma rays. Gamma rays have a shorter wavelength than microwaves. Which of these statements is true ? 4XHVWLRQ SRLQW An image of a distant object caused by refraction of light is called a $ only red % only blue & both red and blue