Trucking companies that hire careless driving

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A sample safe driving for work policy Here is an example of a Safe Driving Policy which you can amend to suit the requirements of your business. This policy applies to anyone who drives as part of their work, whether driving their own vehicle or one provided by the company. Safe Driving Policy for [enter name of business]

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Truck Driving Jobs - Class A lists truck driving jobs with better trucking companies Nationwide. Find a better trucking job today. Truck Driving Jobs - - Apply for a truck driving job online. Frequently updated listings from the largest trucking companies. Simple to use and no membership required. Penalties for drivers who endanger pedestrians. Penalties for drivers who endanger pedestrians increased September 1, 2018. This includes higher fines and more demerit points for drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians at crossovers, school crossings and crosswalks with a school crossing guard present, as well as new penalties for drivers who are convicted of careless driving causing death or ...

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Hiring truck drivers has been simplified for both the companies who hire drivers and the drivers and owner operators they seek to hire. Our free trucking jobs board makes it simple for companies to post truck driving positions for truckers to view and apply for.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires every single trucking company to do a thorough background check on every single applicant before hiring them, this is known as the Pre-Employment Screening Program or PSP for short.The PSP consists of in-depth investigations about your criminal record, past employment, address, and of course, your driving record.The direct liability of an employer may be established if you can prove negligent hiring, supervision, or training. Vicarious or indirect liability simply means that the driver was an employee of the trucking corporation and on the job when they caused the crash.