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Wat mij betreft doet een backupserver niets anders dan backups binnenhalen en toegankelijk maken voor mij. Dus er draait alleen een ssh-daemon (en munin-node) op die luistert op een niet-standaard poort. Er kan alleen ingelogd worden als normale user met een key en er is geen sudo.

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Jun 02 09:46:16 servername systemd[1]: radarr.service: Service hold-off time over, scheduling restart. Jun 02 09:46:16 servername systemd[1]: Stopped Radarr Daemon. Jun 02 09:46:16 servername systemd[1]: radarr.service: Start request repeated too quickly. Jun 02 09:46:16 servername systemd[1]: Failed to start Radarr Daemon.citrix single sign on failed, folders show in the namespace. When a user views the namespace, the folders appear to reside on a single, high-capacity hard disk. Users can navigate the namespace without needing to know the server names or shared folders hosting the data.

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Based on all the info I've read a mask value of 002 should give 664 for files -rw-rw-r--. 2 Changed the look of add-notification. Test was aborted due to an error: Unable to connect to NzbGet. Manual claiming#. Sabnzbd start op in package centre, maar is niet bereikbaar (connection refused) en in de logboeken zie ik niet dat Sabnzbd is opgestart. Now that we have sabnzbd setup, we will move on to sonarr and radarr. Note: Sonarr and Radarr are essentially the same, so I will only demonstrate how to setup Sonarr and these steps can be repeated for Radarr. Note: With these steps select the test connection button each time you add an api to ensure that everything is working properly.

Ubuntu remove ibus Jun 19, 2017 · While some like Sonarr, Radarr and Plexpy do have their own pkg versions now they tend to take longer sometimes to be updated. All 3 of these have their own fully functional update systems and can update themselves automatically.