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1. Awk FS Example: Input field separator variable. Awk reads and parses each line from input based on whitespace character by default and set the variables $1,$2 and etc.

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BEGIN { FS = ":" } This example action works the same as using the -F: flag on the command line. Similarly, END matches the end of the input file after processing the last record. Therefore, awk performs any actions associated with this pattern once, after processing the input file. END must be the last pattern in the program file. For example ... 运行一个awk脚本时报了好多上面的错误?怎么改啊 脚本:#!/usr/bin/gawk -f BEGIN { FS="\t+" months="Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec"

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A field separator (but not a record separator) can be also passed to an awk program in two ways. First of all, awk has a special option for it, -F (note that there is no space between it and the separator). And awk allow passing of variables with the -v syntax, so you could just pass FS that way. In the typical awk program, all input is read either from the standard input (by If you specify input files, awk reads them in order, reading all the data from one before going on...

FS変数に、"\t"を設定しています。 $ cat sample.awk #!/bin/sh cat in.txt | awk ' BEGIN{ FS = "\t" } { print $2 } ' 下記が実行結果になります。 in.txtの2列目をprint出力しています。 $ ./sample.awk c12 c22 c32 FS変数で複数の区切り文字を設定