Abaqus boundary conditions

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Fixed and pinned boundary conditions. In this video fixed and pinned boundary conditions have been discussed. I also have demonstrated the procedure to apply them on the edges. In similar manner These can be applied on the faces.

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Boundary Conditions and Beam Supports In the exposition that follows, we will let L be the total length of the beam and we let x measure the position along the beam (with x=0 being the left-hand endpoint of the beam.) The values of w (x ) and its derivative all have physical interpretations relating to the way a beam is supported. Here is a ...

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In addition to periodic boundary conditions, NAMD provides spherical and cylindrical boundary potentials to contain atoms in a given volume. sphericalBC use spherical boundary conditions?

I have a model in Abaqus that has 3 pin joints, two of which are locked down as displacement boundary conditions. How would I go about measuring reaction forces at these joints?