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Europe airsoft shop, online store: Gas grenade 40 mm for grenade launcher from SHS. The propellant may be used Green Gas (e.g. Predator Ultra Gas). Cartridge can be used in al

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40mm Flashbang ammunition is designed for use with a grenade launcher. On impact, it will emit a flash that blinds anyone looking at it. 40mm Flashbang is introduced in Battlefield 4 as a usable ammunition in grenade launchers. The grenade acts in a similar manner to the 40mm LVG, being capable of bouncing off objects and players after being fired. Unlike the LVG, however, the 40mm Flahsbang ... The M203 is a single-shot 40 mm under-barrel grenade launcher designed to attach to a rifle. It uses the same rounds as the older stand-alone M79 break-action grenade launcher, which utilizes the High-Low Propulsion System to keep recoil forces low.

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LMT Rail-Mounted 12" M203 40MM Grenade Launcher, Destructive Device The M203 has been the United States Military's primary grenade launcher sin.. $1,945.54 $1,999.00

TRIPLE 40 mm GRENADE pouch The PALS mounted pouch holds three 40 mm LV grenades. Specs: Proprietary laminate construction PALS compatible attachment ALL PICTURES SHOWN ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURP In order to give you a better service Direct Action uses cookies. 40mm Grenades are a type of ammunition featured in The Last Stand: Union City. These are exclusively used by the M79 Grenade Launcher and deals very high amounts of damage and knockback. It is very rare.